Just This Once

We all tell that lie to ourselves, don’t we? “Just this once, I’ll have a piece of cake”.” Just this once, I’ll splurge a little on a new dress.”  Well, if you’re anything like me, “just this once” becomes the rule and not the exception. “Just this once” becomes the excuse, the justification we give ourselves to do whatever we want. And we believe it.  We believe that we’re mostly healthy, mostly frugal, mostly diligent, when it’s not true. “Just this once” has left me in debt, overweight, and behind on my degree. It’s the excuse I relied on, day after day. It’s the lie that allowed me to think I was okay when I was really broken. So now, I’m starting a new journey of “just this once”. This time, just this once, I’ll try a little harder. Just this once, I’ll pass up the venti macchiato and save $5 instead. Just this once, I’ll have a healthy snack instead of chips. My goal is to upgrade my life by starting new habits and breaking old ones, and invite you, my reader, to join me. You know, just this once.